twenty sixteen holiday gift guide

it's that magical time of year that we all know and most of us love, the weather is getting hotter, the days are getting longer and you spend your free time wondering where the year went. the shops are getting busier, and there's heaps of festive merchandise everywhere and you start to think to yourself 'i really should get my chrissie pressies sorted'. but you know it's only november so you tell yourself you still have time to get things sorted, the days are longer now you see, there's plenty of time to sort things out. besides you need to give it some thought because you know that soap on a rope and a box of favourites for the third time in a row just isn't going to cut it.  next thing you know, it's december 24th and you're freaking out because you've completely run out of time - or so i've heard someone tell the story. *the 'you' in this frightening tale may or may not be me

well i've got news for you with the holiday season fast approaching, it's time to get those pressies sorted and i'm here to help you do it. this shoppable gift guide features gifts inspired by twenty sixteen's trends and colours and the brands that i have discovered and grown to love this year. i've created this virtual lust list to inspire you to get your chrissie shopping started and hopefully help you discover some fabulous gift options for your loved ones this holiday season.

what's your favourite gift you've ever received or better yet given? are you an organised gifter or do you leave it to last minute too? tell me all of the things in the comments below.