free printable: xmas cards

i am such a huge fan of simple yet beautiful graphic design, so every year when silly season sneaks up on me comes around, i will literally spend weeks shopping around for cards with the perfect design. i've always considered making my own cards, but given the fact that i'm a huge procrastinator i'm super busy with study and work, i never seem to find the time. so i finally pulled myself together and designed my take on simple and beautiful xmas cards. so to celebrate i've created a little download link for you all to share these cuties with me this xmas. and to make things even cuter and way more festive, i've also created matching envelope liners - because we all know xmas is the time for everything in excess and also they're just adorable.

xmas cards | mrtimothyjames | one
xmas cards | mrtimothyjames | two
xmas cards | mrtimothyjames | three
xmas cards | mrtimothyjames | four
xmas cards | mrtimothyjames | five

for the best printing results, set the images to fill the entire page, adjust the print quality to high and print the cards on the thickest gsm cardstock your printer will take (envelope liners can be printed on regular paper).

to create the cards

use a ruler to connect the cut marks on the corners of the cards and use an xacto knife to cut out the card -  alternatively you can draw a pencil line between the cut marks and cut out the cards with scissors.

fold the cards using the dotted line as a guide, and score the spine of the card.

to create the envelopes

cut out the patterned liner using scissors, trim away the black edge for a cleaner look.

secure to the inside of a 5" x 7" envelope using double sided tape or glue, close the envelope and pinch along the top edge to score the liner inside.

these envelope liners were designed to fit these kmart envelopes.


add a festive message inside the card and slip it inside an envelope or simply attach it to a gift to add a special little touch. if you use these xmas cards this silly season i'd love to see how you style them, share them with me on social media by using the #mrtimothyjames

happy card giving love timothy xx