free printable: bunny cake topper

so if you've scrolled through instagram recently, you'll have noticed that the unicorn cake trend has been given the easter makeover - cue the bunny cake which is totally a thing now. now don't get me wrong i'm living for it, seriously they're way too cute to handle but if you're not a regular cake decorator you probably won't have the patience to pre make a bunch of fondant decorations and seven shades of frosting to swirl on top. or maybe you do, in which case you go girl! but maybe, just maybe you're more like me - loving the trend but trying to find an easier way to make an easter cake that's still equally as cute.

if that's you, then i got you! now before it gets out that we just can't be bothered going to all the effort, the official story that we're running with is that we're aiming for a more minimalist look. 😜 I know right, insta is totally going to buy it! so now that there's no excuses, it's time to sprinkle a little cute on your easter cake - hop to it! (pun intended. yep, i'm really that lame! haha)

bunny ears easter cake

so it's simple really...

you will need | 6inch round cake, printable bunny cake topper, light cardstock, scissors, toothpicks, hot melt glue + gun, pink gumball

step one | grab the cake topper template above and print that guy out on some light cardstock

step two | whizz around the edges with some scissors.

step three | next you'll want to stick some toothpicks on those perky little ears and the easiest way is a little dab of hot glue.

step four | then all you've got to do is whack them in the top of your cake and press on your gumball nose.

optional | you can press shredded coconut (dyed the same colour as your cake) into the buttercream to add extra dimension and make the bunny appear ‘fluffier’.

note | if the bunny ears come in direct contact with the cake the cardstock will be affected by the buttercream.

if you use these little ears on your easter cake i'd love to see it, share it with me on social media by using the hashtag #mrtimothyjames

do you ever find yourself trying to cut the corners? also why does chocolate always taste better at easter? tell me all of the things in the comments below!

hoppy easter, love timothy x