on the table - festive brass

I've always loved a good table setting almost as much as i love a good dinner spread - so i've decided to share with you my inspirations in a new little segment which i hope will become a regular feature i call 'on the table'. i've titled this edition festive brass as i feel it sums up the vibe of the table, it's simple and relaxed and gives a nod to the holiday season with it's slight touch of glam. think warm day, cold drinks, alfresco dining, and a lunch that lasts til everyone is full of food and laughs.

this table is super easy to throw together and yet it looks purposeful and thought out, best of all the servingware, tableware and decor are all from kmart! don't worry i didn't raid the party section, and i'm not about to suggest you use plastic plates and disposable cups, but i wanted to keep this setting simple and achievable. so stress less this year and take a little inspo for your holiday table from this festive table setting.

onthetable - festive brass | mrtimothyjames
feature pic.png

this look is very much about simplicity, when it comes to hosting the last thing you want to do is be stressed about how long it's going to take you to set the table. so with a few simple tips and tricks i'll show you just how easy it can be to set a simple table that will still wow your guests.

step one - create a base

this is where you start and your choice of table covering will set the tone and mood of your setting. consider neutral colours that won't distract from your tableware and decor. think about how much time you have before and after your event, a table cloth is great but needs to be ironed before and washed after. while disposable table cloths are convenient they can also look tacky, consider a roll of plain gift wrap which will span the width of your table and eliminate the need for washing a table cloth. also consider a table runner or garland, this is your chance to start introducing your theme or colour scheme to the table whether it's with textiles or foliage. 

step two - set the table

now is the time to get your tableware onto the table because apart from being necessary to eat with, this will then dictate how much space you have for decor and serving ware. consider layers, textures and height when setting your tableware as these are all subtle ways to add interest to your overall look. Start with a placemat, charger plate or simply your dinner plate - this is your first opportunity to start layering so consider materials such as metals vs porcelain/china and finishes such as gloss vs matte. 

consider cutlery placement as this can help dictate the tone of your event - formal vs informal. consider the beverages you will be serving as this will allow you to select the necessary glassware and it's placement. don't forget napkins, think about the type - fabric vs paper, the colour - dark vs light and the way you display them - do you need napkin rings or will you fold them.

step three - style it up

all the practical stuff is out of the way now, so consider how you will complete your look. think about lighting and ambience, consider fresh florals/foliage, add decor pieces of different heights to help break things up. try to stick to one idea/theme with your styling and keep it running throughout the table - you don't want to get too carried away, it is a dining table after all not a living room credenza. again consider textures, scents and visuals you want to keep your guests interested in the effort you've put in by connecting them to your styling through their senses. 

I hope these visuals and tips help you to get some inspiration for your holiday dining table, and i look forward to sharing more from 'on my table' in future posts.

do you have any table setting steps or tips you use? what other style of setting would you like to see in the series? tell me all the things in the comments below!

with love, timothy x

do it yourself: emergency chocolate stash

*everyone rolls their eyes*

seriously? d-i-why??

*i clear my throat*

look, it's christmas - and a box of chocolate's simply isn't going to cut it!!

for reals, i get it - being told to do something yourself is seriously the pitts. and if i'm being completely honest there's nothing i love more than cutting corners, or paying someone else to do things for me, but... christmas is a time of giving - of giving gifts (duhh), giving of yourself, and of your precious time to make others happy and show them your love. but seriously, this diy takes literally minutes and costs you like $20 and you can find everything you need to make it at good ole Kmart!

diy emergency chocolate | mrtimothyjames | one
diy emergency chocolate | mrtimothyjames | two
diy emergency chocolate | mrtimothyjames | three
diy emergency chocolate | mrtimothyjames | four
diy emergency chocolate | mrtimothyjames | five
diy emergency chocolate | mrtimothyjames | six
emergency chocolate stash

you will need. a shadow box photo frame, peanut m&m's, liquid chalk and a gift box.

step one. take the back off the frame, and remove the insert. 

step two. on the glass front of the frame, using the liquid chalk, write 'in case of emergency break glass' (or your desired sentiment).

step three. once the chalk is dried, flip the frame over, and fill with the recipients fave m&m's or other lollies. 

step four. replace the back of the frame and secure.

step five. wrap your gift and surprise your loved one with a thoughtful gift. 


you can find shadow box photo frames at kmart, spotlight, or online.

you can wipe down the inside of the frame with vinegar before filling it to make it food safe.

liquid chalk is not permanent, it will brush off easily if not treated gently. for a more permanent solution, try a sharpie or a white paint pen.

a 440g box of peanut m&m's filled this 6x8inch shadow box nicely, you may need less or more based on the size of your frame.

mrtimothyjames does not recommend actually smashing this frame, because... glass, mess, danger, etc. this is merely a cute and creative way of gifting chocolates.

mrtimothyjames loves sturdy gift boxes like these from Domayne for this gift because they allow space so that the liquid chalk sentiment will not get brushed off.

if you make this gift for someone, i'd love to see how it turns out, share it with me on social media use the hashtag #mrtimothyjames

ever made someone a diy gift? in case of emergency, what is your go to chocolate? tell me all of the things in the comments below.

happy diy'ing love timothy xx

free printable: xmas gift tags

if you can believe it, that wonderfully silly time of year we all call christmas is almost upon us. i could have sworn that last time i checked a calendar it was july, but i guess that the months move along whether i check the calendar or not! so in honour of the fast approaching silly season, i've put together some cute little gift tags that you can use to style your gift giving this christmas. 


it could be just me, but when i get into the swing of the holiday season i've got a million things on my mind, and usually the last thing i remember to pick up is gift wrap. so it's usually on the 24th of december when i get home from a panic run to kmart to grab some gift wrap sit calmly wrapping my gifts that i remember i never bought gift tags. now while they're not essential, christmas is the time for everything in excess - so gift tags are a must. so because i'm a complete mess i usually turn to the internet to save christmas and i rely on the goodness of other to bring my gifting to the next level. so many talented and lovely folks have made free printable christmas gift tags which i am forever greatful for. so as a way to give back and to help out those who like me are a little frazzled when it comes to the gift wrap department, i give you my take on xmas gift tags.


these gift tags were designed to be used with mini fresh rosemary wreaths - but can be used in so many ways. for gorgeous and simple wrapping that's high quality and australian made, mrtimothyjames loves inkyco.

if you feel like sharing how you style these tags on social media use the hashtag #mrtimothyjames

are you ready for silly season? do you leave everything to the last minute too? tell me all of the things in the comments below.

happy gifting love timothy xx