it's no secret that while many of us look forward to the extravagance of christmas and all that it offers, there are others within our communities that are less fortunate than us. for many, christmas is a time of giving and sharing, of joy and laughter and happy memories; unfortunately that isn't the case in every family. some just aren't as blessed as we are and for them christmas can be lonely, that's why it's so important to remember others during this festive time and if we can - give back to them. enter the kmart wishing tree appeal, a chance to give back and show others that they are not alone this christmas. 

the idea behind the appeal is that gifts are purchased or made by those who are able, to be given to those in need. at this time of year there is always a need to spread more joy and cheer and the kmart wishing tree is an easy way to do just that - bring a little more magic into the world. 

how you can participate.

you can make a financial contribution - online and in-store.

you can give a gift - by simply attaching a wishing tree tag to a gift and placing under the tree in any kmart store.

you can purchase a bauble gift tag - for a $1 donation to the appeal you can purchase a stylish gift tag to add to your gifts this year. not only do they look fab, but they add a little magic to your gift because your recipient will know you made a donation on their behalf.

you can host a fundraiser - organise your own event such as a gold coin donation morning tea at your workplace or school and donate the proceeds to the appeal.

how distribution works. 

the funds raised from cash donations and coin collections are given to the kmart wishing tree charity partners 'the salvation army' and 'mission australia' to fund such things as christmas lunch, basic necessities, education expenses and shelter.

the gifts received in kmart stores are collected by the charity partners and then distributed to less fortunate families. parents are given the choice to select from the gift pool the items which will best suits their families needs this christmas. 

how to give a gift.

kmart on behalf of their charity partners, accept any new gifts for donation - they can be purchased from any retailer or handmade. all gifts are checked for suitability by the charity partners before being passed on for donation, so it's best to donate an unwrapped gift or consider a gift box or bag for easy re-wrapping.

step one - take your gift to your local kmart store

step two - take a tag from wishing tree, fill it out, attach one half to your gift - keep the other to hang on your tree, and place the gift under the tree or in the drop off sleigh.

step three - share that giving feeling with others by sharing a pic or your story on social media using the hashtags #kmartwishingtree and/or #thatgivingfeeling

the wishing tree is an awesome way to teach kids about the importance of giving, and the wishing tree tags are designed to help them understand that they really have helped someone else. the tags are designed to tear away to two parts - one for the gift and one for your tree. the idea behind this is much like a best friend locket, in the fact that on christmas day both you and the person who receives your gift will be looking at one half of the same tag.

do you have a christmas tradition for giving back? what's your favourite thing to do to get that giving feeling? tell me all of the things in the comments below.

timothy x