earl grey panna cotta

so if i'm being completely honest, when i set out to create a perfect earl grey panna cotta i did have an ulterior motive - to find a way to make it more acceptable to eat dessert for breakfast. i bet a couple of you just gasped between sips of your kale and berry smoothie to shake your head at the idea of eating dessert for breakfast. if that's the case i'm sorry... that you're drinking a kale smoothie! if you're a normal person and gasp at the idea of kale for breakfast - read on.

now my reasoning behind this particular dessert for breakfast is that starting the day with a cuppa is 1. just plain Australian! and 2. health experts say that starting your day with a cup of tea can help reduce cravings throughout the day* 

*these 'health experts' would probably freak out at the idea of this cup of tea containing sugar and cream, but if you're not a health expert - read on.

sure i said it, this cuppa has a little sugar and cream in it, but who doesn't take their tea with a little sugar and dairy?! health freaks! just kidding, but if you're still not convinced that dessert can be a perfect option for breakfast just do what i did - put it in a teacup. now this dessert really is just a cup of tea.............. flavoured panna cotta ;)

earl grey panna cotta | mrtimothyjames | one
earl grey panna cotta | mrtimothyjames | two
earl grey panna cotta | mrtimothyjames | three
earl grey panna cotta | mrtimothyjames | four
earl grey panna cotta | mrtimothyjames | five

the recipe

makes 4 teacup panna cotta

earl grey panna cotta

in a medium saucepan over a medium-high heat, bring the cream and DEITEA earl grey almost to boiling point - roughly 4-5 minutes or until small bubbles begin appearing around the edge of the pan. At this point place a lid on the pan and turn off the heat, leaving the tea to infuse the cream for 1 hour. 

in a small bowl or glass, sprinkle the gelatine over the milk and stir to incorporate – leave to bloom.

once the cream is infused, return it to a medium-high heat and add the sugar. once the sugar is dissolved, add the bloomed gelatine and stir until it too is dissolved.

divide the panna cotta mixture between four teacups or ramekins. chill in the fridge for at least 6 hours, if not overnight.

top the panna cottas with sugar cubes and add a dash of milk just before serving – enjoy.


x for the best flavour infusion, grind the tea in a mortar & pestle or coffee/spice grinder until fine.

x you can strain the tea from the mix before pouring it into the moulds, but if you grind it fine enough it adds lovely texture to the panna cotta.

mrtimothyjames loves deitea's 'the earl grey' tea for this recipe and cristina re's teaware for serving.


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okay you got me, this is more than just a little recipe

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