do it yourself: emergency chocolate stash

*everyone rolls their eyes*

seriously? d-i-why??

*i clear my throat*

look, it's christmas - and a box of chocolate's simply isn't going to cut it!!

for reals, i get it - being told to do something yourself is seriously the pitts. and if i'm being completely honest there's nothing i love more than cutting corners, or paying someone else to do things for me, but... christmas is a time of giving - of giving gifts (duhh), giving of yourself, and of your precious time to make others happy and show them your love. but seriously, this diy takes literally minutes and costs you like $20 and you can find everything you need to make it at good ole Kmart!

diy emergency chocolate | mrtimothyjames | one
diy emergency chocolate | mrtimothyjames | two
diy emergency chocolate | mrtimothyjames | three
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emergency chocolate stash

you will need. a shadow box photo frame, peanut m&m's, liquid chalk and a gift box.

step one. take the back off the frame, and remove the insert. 

step two. on the glass front of the frame, using the liquid chalk, write 'in case of emergency break glass' (or your desired sentiment).

step three. once the chalk is dried, flip the frame over, and fill with the recipients fave m&m's or other lollies. 

step four. replace the back of the frame and secure.

step five. wrap your gift and surprise your loved one with a thoughtful gift. 


you can find shadow box photo frames at kmart, spotlight, or online.

you can wipe down the inside of the frame with vinegar before filling it to make it food safe.

liquid chalk is not permanent, it will brush off easily if not treated gently. for a more permanent solution, try a sharpie or a white paint pen.

a 440g box of peanut m&m's filled this 6x8inch shadow box nicely, you may need less or more based on the size of your frame.

mrtimothyjames does not recommend actually smashing this frame, because... glass, mess, danger, etc. this is merely a cute and creative way of gifting chocolates.

mrtimothyjames loves sturdy gift boxes like these from Domayne for this gift because they allow space so that the liquid chalk sentiment will not get brushed off.

if you make this gift for someone, i'd love to see how it turns out, share it with me on social media use the hashtag #mrtimothyjames

ever made someone a diy gift? in case of emergency, what is your go to chocolate? tell me all of the things in the comments below.

happy diy'ing love timothy xx