twinkle light gift wrap

so i've been toying with the idea of adding battery operated lights to gifts as part of the wrapping for a hot minute, and i wasn't 100% sure that it would actually look good. so when i came across these gorgeous copper wire lights at kmart the other day for just 5 bucks, i knew that i had to at least give it a go - and i think it turned out fab! it's such a basic and simple idea, but it really takes your festive gift wrap to the next level - and as a lover of minimalism i feel this aesthetic is so on point.


step one. wrap gift/s in black or dark gift wrap.

step two. unwind string lights and add batteries to the battery pack.

step three. secure the start of the string to the back of the gift, and wrap the lights around the gift until the full string is used.

step four. secure the end of the string to the back of the gift and also secure the battery pack. this can be done with tape, or for a more secure option - use hot glue. (this can be easily removed from the paper gift wrap and then peeled off the plastic battery pack - it won't damage the lights)

step five. turn on the lights before you give the gift to your loved one and watch the twinkle in their eye.

because these string lights are copper, whether they're on or off  they make your gift look fab! not only are these twinkle lights the perfect addition to giftwrap, they're basically another gift in themselves - so it's two for one! 

if you're looking for these gorgeous copper wire lights, they aren't sold on the kmart website unfortunately so check with your local kmart and quote this keycode (42258 964). 

there are several places that also stock versions of these gorgeous lights - so if you can't find them at kmart try - targettypo | kikki.k | or ebay.

if you add copper wire lights to your gift wrap this festive season, i'd love to see how you style them - tag #mrtimothyjames on social media so i can join in on all the fun.

do you think that giftwrap makes gifting more fun? or are you more of a practical gift bag sort of human? tell me all of the things in the comments below.

twinkle twinkle love timothy xx