white christmas trees

there's not a lot to say about this recipe really, it's probably the most simple thing you could ever throw together and yet it tastes fantastic and with this clever little idea of turning it into a tree it looks even better. i'm a big fan of white christmas, i like to think of it as an adult version of chocolate crackles (not that chocolate crackles can't be enjoyed by adults, but you get me... they're a bit daggy) with this flavour combo of turkish delight, pistachios and craisins - it couldn't be more festive.

this recipe is perfect for christmas gifting, you can whip up a mix or two in no time at all and the cute cone trees make a delicious little gift perfect for a friend or colleague. picture them wrapped up in cellophane or displayed on a dessert table or even down the centre of the christmas table as an after dinner treat.

the recipe

recipe makes 5 trees

white christmas

in a large bowl, combine the dry ‘mix’ ingredients and stir to evenly distribute.

in a microwave safe jug, melt the copha and white chocolate in 30 second bursts, stirring thoroughly after each burst until fully melted. allow to cool.

create a well in the middle of the dry ingredients and pour in the melted chocolate mix, stir to combine.

pack the mixture into the ‘tree’ cones, tapping the sides of the cone gently to ensure the mixture reaches the tip. place the cones tip down into drinking glasses and refrigerate overnight.

alternatively you can spoon the mixture into cupcake papers to create individual serving portions.

i hope these visuals help you when you're making these cute little trees, i promise you it's not difficult and the result is totally worth it. grab the recipe card and template below and give it a go yourself!

ever made white christmas? what's your go-to christmas treat you like to bake? tell me all the things in the comments below!

with love, timothy x